a film by Charles K Campbell

All or Nothin' title

All or Nothin' title

based on an 1853 event

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In Charles K Campbell’s ALL OR NOTHIN’, Daniel Britt plays John Fairfield, a white conductor of the Underground Railroad. His mission is to transport an enslaved family from Boone County, Kentucky to Canada West where they will be free and unite with loved ones. On one farm, Washington Barker (Bryant Bentley) and Tillie Barker (Ursaline Bryant) are the favored servants of Matthew Barker (Gary Chinn). Following an unexpected announcement to Washington and Tillie that she is about to be sold, he makes the risky decision to steal her away and claim their freedom.

In a parallel escape,Fairfield guides a company from the neighboring farm of Reverend John Terry (Carl Herrick). The groups collide at the banks of the Ohio River. Tillie and Washington challenge Fairfield’s leadership and demonstrate how their skills are as necessary to this escape as are his. After a standoff, they begrudgingly join forces and flee north. Amidst constant infighting between Washington and Fairfield, Tillie becomes the glue that keeps the group intact.

To reach Canada West they must set aside their differences and rely on the aide of the Midwest Underground Railroad network. In the interim, a strong-willed enslaved woman named Elsie (Samantha Russell) escapes on her own accord. Meanwhile, the slave-holding families hire relentless bounty hunter Roy Lee (Jon Kovach) to return their escaped property. Accompanying Roy Lee is David (Brendan Alpiner) and Winston Terry (Michael Loos) who maintain differing opinions with regard to the institution of slavery.


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Bryant Bentley as Washington Barker

BRYANT BENTLEY as Washington Barker

Bryant Bentley was born and raised in Dayton Ohio who draws from over twenty years of professional acting experience. He has performed across the country doing Regional Theater and his film credits include; All Or Nothin’, directed by Charles Campbell, Missed It, A Mother’s Heart (short), The Public directed by Emilio Estevez, The Killing of the Sacred Deer, directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, and Mercy. Mr. Bently is a member of SAG*AFTRA and Actors Equity Association.

Ursaline Bryant as Tillie Barker

URSALINE BRYANT as Tillie Barker

A native of Washington, DC, Ursaline is a director, producer, performing artist, and teacher. Creative and passionate, she is in constant pursuit of theatrical communication. Her study of the Arte of Acting began on local and global runways and in the City of New York with the renowned Negro Ensemble Company. She relocated to Los Angeles where she continues her pursuits into Theatre Artes, and has appeared in feature films, episodic television, staged readings, commercials and theatre productions. She is currently liaison to the Leimert Park Vision Theatre where her focus is with artistic expression and cultural interpretation. Her passion is with shedding light on unsung and obscure heroines through creative drama, readings, poetry, voice and movement. Ms. Bryant is a member of SAG*AFTRA and Actors Equity Association.

Daniel Britt as John Fairfield

DANIEL BRITT as John Fairfield

Daniel is from Cincinnati. He has performed with the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company and attended University of Cincinnati. Aside from theatre, he enjoys sports outings with friends and spending quality time with family. Daniel is a pragmatic idealist artist. He has dreams and goals but doesn’t expect them all to come true.

Jon Kovach as Roy Lee


Jon’s credits include, NY: Theatre Row, The Tank, Bay Street, Capital Rep., Guild Hall. Regional: Merrimack Rep., Playhouse in the Park, Human Race Theatre Co., Hippodrome, Wellfleet Harbor Actors' Theatre. A Miami University (Ohio) theatre graduate, he has worked with internationally recognized filmmakers, G. Clooney, A. Goddard, and authors N. Balthazar and R. Jones. Jon has received awards acclaim as an actor, musician, director, writer, and producer. www.JonKovach.com

Augustus O. Hill Composer


Augustus O. Hill, composer, arranger, and conductor, is a former university counselor and administrator, and past artistic director of the Brazeal Dennard Chorale. He also taught music theory and conducted the University Choral Union at Wayne State University, and has been a guest organist, pianist, and conductor in various church and community music programs. Dr. Hill’s vocal, choral, and instrumental compositions and arrangements have been included in performances by a variety of soloists and prestigious instrumental and choral ensembles. His musical training includes a BM in composition and MM in composition and choral conducting from Wayne State University, and a PhD in composition and music theory from the University of Michigan.

Michael Avenson Director of Photography

MICHAEL AVENSON, Director of Photography

Director. Cinematographer. Originally from Ukraine. Graduated from LACC cinema and television department. In 2013 was shooting a big documentary feature about Lucid Dreaming that was nominated on cinefest 2013 in Las Vegas. Director of photography ‘All or Nothin’’ by Charles Campbell. His music video for the Albina track “Not With Me” was nominated as the best music video of 2017 on the Russian music awards. The winner of international film festival in Krasnodar 2007 for best directing.

Ben Devine Editor

Ben Devine, Editor

Ben Devine is a freelance media production artist with a degree from Ohio University in media, film and music. His specialties include music composition and film scoring, video editing, sound design, and location production. Ben is also an award winning composer with his work spanning an international audience. www.sonicintervention.com

Ryan A. Yunck Music Producer

RYAN A. YUNCK, Music Producer

Musician and producer/engineer Ryan Yunck got his start with piano lessons at a young age, soon developing a passion for all things music that led to him picking up every instrument he could get his hands on, including drum set, concert percussion, guitar, bass, and the voice. As a teenager, he began experimenting with recording his own compositions, which blossomed into a love for the craft of music production and audio engineering. He now works as an in-demand live and session musician in the Metro Detroit area, produces records for local artists in his rural home studio, and releases original songs and cover videos to a growing worldwide following on his YouTube channel.

Charles K. Campbell Director

Charles K. Campbell, Director

Charles holds a MA in Film Theory & Criticism from Central Michigan University, a Bachelors Degree in Training & Development from Georgia State University, numerous film certificates from Los Angeles Community College, and has studied directing at UCLA. After coaching over 15,000 students across America in literacy (reading & writing), his goal is to simply write, cast, and direct interesting quality original films.


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“Although fictional, All Or Nothin’ is an incredible story based on true events, and represents real life Underground Railroad heroes. A blend of literary scholarship and creative licensing, we have done our best to maintain historical accuracy as recorded via verbal accounts, and research. We especially hope that schools across the country embrace AON as a teaching tool (visit our education link). I salute all scholars, educators, researchers and oral historians for preserving stories such as this.

Institutionalized slavery has, and continues to divide America. AON is just one story of thousands that contains dark and light elements of this country’s rich past. This honestly raw tale presents man at his most evil, and compassionate stages. It, and those who made it represent guts, will, and sheer determination.”


map of underground railroad routes

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